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CCTV Ground
Isolator Plates


Text Box: Items Shipped
Text Box: Prepare Assembly 
Text Box: Items to be Glued
Text Box: Compare bottom piece 
Text Box: Compare bottom and spacer piece
Text Box: Compare Bottom Spacer and surface piece
Text Box: Camera
Text Box: Camera mount
Text Box: Camera 
Text Box: Make hole to fit screw holes as seen Left

Top piece needs to be drilled

Text Box: Holes now drilled.
Text Box: Spacer and drilled top piece
Text Box: Four screws between Spacer and top piece. 
Text Box: 2 plates
Top & Spacer
Text Box: 3 plates
Text Box: All 3  plates as seen and you can actually see all four screw heads through the bottom piece

Four screw heads

Text Box: Mount Four screws inside an four edges all the way through.
Text Box: The heads of the four center screws are between the spacer plate and the front plate
Text Box: Mount your Camera.  It looks pretty sharp, and professional.

A Closer look at the results of your work.

It looks very neat and professional.


Now your Cameral is totally isolated physically from a Metallic physical ground loop of the metallic building. 


This is a very simple installation and actually looks better then the previous installation.

Text Box: Camera Ground Isolator
 There has to be a simpler way to insulate and Isolate the metallic surface of the Camera from the Metal building. Also it has to be simple enough and easy enough for any one to install it at minimum cost.  If you are looking for answers to help eliminate ground loops, or difference of potential between the mux, switcher, and DVR, this is the product.  Normally you can use most anything, but for professional appearance this is the way to go at an economical price.  I have promoted this idea for 15 years, so this is not a new idea.  This platform will fit all cameras.  

	1	First layer of Plexiglas mounted on the building

	2.	Second layer of Plexiglas is a spacer, providing room for first layer of bolts

	3.	Third Layer of Plexiglas is the mounting for the CCTV, and underneath the bolt heads have clearance inside the spacer.

As you can see, it is very simple and professionally done.   The cut, edges and mounting is tastefully done. There is a very small markup on this product.  End user cost  $100.00.  Dealer cost is available upon request. Every mini storage facility, metal building or metallic pole ought to have one of these installed.  Adapters for pole version out soon.


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