Stormin’s Gate Access and Card Access line of surge suppressor incorporates state-of the-art technology and provides multiple elements of protection for your exposed  Access Control Equipment.  Tested to ANSI/IEEE B ring wave standards that exceed normal UL 497 B testing standards by 90 times.  Unlike other surge suppressors, Stormins surge suppressors three stage hybrid two tank circuit design technology and will not allow lightning to destroy your equipment.  Stormins surge suppression devices are self restoring after each surge with ratings.  Stormins surge suppression protectors do not promote ground loops, rather with our technical expertise and troubleshooting ability we can help eliminate as many ground loops as possible.

These are the basic  products to eliminate lightning as being a problem to your gate/access control system. 


All these have very special functions and are not a parallel design.  We even have a little fiber optics for RS232 & phone line protection.

LS-E120HWCP20CB: Three stage hybrid For AC power, There is nothing better then this. The first and only real in-series AC surge suppressor.

Spike Block-1: eliminates by-directional ground loops and used with the 120HWCP20CB.  For military use it is also considered an anti-terrorist device plus it is the only one of it’s kind that is UL listed for grounding.

DDual 2WDTB/G N/R 12V ……..Pressure sensor

DDual2WDTB/G 12V or 24V …...Data lines.

DATAISO2WDTB/G 5V or 16 V …..Transfomer Isolated                                     Data lines

DDual2WDTB/G 12-18VPower  12 or 24 volts AC or DC                                     power(1pair)

We can custom make surge suppression to fit into tight boxes

Call per your request.

DLTTOS 200V ———hard wired phone line

DLTTOS200V RJ11—Plug in phone protection

TelcoISO2WDTB/G200V (wRJ11 or Screw Terminals)


Unlike most phone line protection, this device is heavy duty in-line series three stage two tank circuit design.  In it’s size shape and weight, it is an awesome unit. It has serious filtering, three stage surge suppression and also is an in-line series device. It will fit all phone related equipment. TelcoISO2WDTB/G200V is a new development with one more stage of protection.  We have invented a new transformer that now isolates and with the other three stages, works as wells as the Optelator / OpitcShield in  protection plus allows DSL and data to flow freely at a affordable price.

The Optelator II

The ultimate phone line protection. It looks complicated and it is, but but it is fairly easy to install it.  Those two black lines you see between the PC boards are actually fiber optics.  So we have total isolation from the phone company and access keypad.  This will work on any phone system or modem. This is the only device that I have that I can guaranty 100% invincible to lightning.

Only one draw back, it has a battery that needs to be replaced by a technician once every 4 or 5 years.   This one is also the most expensive protector  we have for phone lines  and it will take a direct strike by lighting and your system will never see it.

Ground Isolation Transformers. 

Well!       If you have to get rid of a ground loops  this custom device will do it.  Believe me access control systems by its  nature have multiple ground loops.  There are no such things a ground isolation transformers, so we have to purchase these transformers and re-manufacture them to function the way we want them to work.  All UL listed devices have a life safety ground, but with an access control system there have too many grounds, and if you can not unify all the grounds to one, then you have to isolate your AC power and ground, and do the best we can with the rest of the equipment.  These have to be sized per job based on the horse power of your motor.

Remember: Always ask questions, or allow us to consult with you.

Gate Access & Card Access Protection.

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Check out the new Transformer/ four stage Protection.

Eliminates Ground Loops.

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UPS & AVR Adapter with a Spike Block Installed.

Full AC Isolation +Voltage Regulation and prevention of a bi-directional ground

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Access Control Surge Suppression

New product

DDual3WDTB/G5V Wiegand data ….This is the only Wiegand data line surge suppression on the market/ internet. I invented this based on the need not based on volume. This design is completely different then regular data line surge suppression.  This product in the past five years have proven very effective. Now have been tested and used for the past seven years.

This product will be found all over Pinellas County Florida. Our Dealer Accurate Electronics helped  create this product.  This product has proved extremely successful in protection of Gate Access and Card Access Systems.

Always working on new products…..coming soon.