CO/Phone RJ11line in

CO/Phone RJ11 line out. Power DC 5 V input

REAL Fiber Optic cable

Battery must be replaced once every 4 to 5 years.

This is not a simplistic design so you will have to spend a little to buy it. Average Retail cost is can be as high as $386.96 each

Updated and new design the Optelator Gen II


It also has CPC wink.

Optelator II

This is a really hot seller for the utility industry as well as Access Control and Fire Alarm. The Optelator has always been sold by word of mouth for 15 years. An excellent leading competitor based out of Canada has lead the way in the Utility industry called Positron, but the price tag is so steep and requires a technician to install it plus it appears there is no competition except for the little known word of mouth Optelator. The Optelator is a well known brand name in the AM/FM radio broadcast Industry.


Now that I have your interest:

What is it?

An Optelator eliminates voltage differential between the demark Pots line and the modem earth ground. In the Utility grounding differential is approximately 10,000 volt. That will smoke any modem. The Optelator will eliminate that and it meets all IEEE requirements with the 5 spread between PC boards of 75000 volt arcing.

The original design and concept was to eliminate a phone line ground loop to prevent direct strikes by lightning from entering the modem or phone equipment. There is no product other then this that will give you 100% effective protection against direct strikes by lightning that may come through the phone line.


$386.96 each

Fiber Optic Phone line Protector

Fiber Optic


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