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Rack Mount CCTV Protection

Stormins 1 U CCTV 8BNC C/V RM

Stormins KIN 1000VA AVR RM UPS

Spec sheet provided for coax protection.

Spec sheet available for 1000VA AVR RM UPS

Comparison of similar products available.

This UPS System is a ISO 9001 Certification and will survive with no ill effects caused by Back up Generators. When the voltage drops and the current rises this unit will not cook Our comparison does not survive well under back up Generator conditions or is it modular and easy to repair.

Coax protection has feed back loop to DVR or Monitor protection from Coax shield. Competitor does not have that incorporated into their design, and likely hood of case ground blow outs are less likely with this product. Each coax is case ground isolated.

Coax surge suppression has a life time replacement warranty, competitor no longer has life time warranty and is impossible based on their design.

The UPS has a one year warranty and the battery has a six month replacement warranty and is easily replaced if a catastrophic does occur. Replacement cost or product purchase $200.00. Battery replacement $30.00. If you are looking for more costly True on line UPSs we can provide upon request.

Two Piece/Three Piece/Four Piece setup

1 U 19 Rack mount with 8 coax protection in, and eight coax out.

In the event one is damaged the parts can be replaced with ease and at minimum cost.


Combo set up cost


CCTV Power (4) Coax in/out (4) Blanks $450.00

(4) Coax in (4) Coax out

(8) Blanks for additional future protection modules

(1) 1000VA AVR RM UPS


CCTV Power (6) Coax (2) Blanks $550.91

(6)       Coax in (6) out and 1U Rack Mount

(2) Set of Blanks

(1) 1000VA AVR RM UPS


CCTV Power (8) Coax $ 600.95

(1) Set of 8 coax of 1 U Rack mount

(1) 1000VA AVR RM UPS


CCTV Power (16) coax $ 950.00

(1)       1000VA AVR RM UPS

(2)       Sets of 8 Coax of 1 U rack mount


Extra set of coax protection

(1)       Set of 8 in/out coax protection $350.76


CCTVBNC RM Surge Suppression Modules

CCTVBNCRMSSM $69.00 (8 or more) $29.97


BNC Rack with insulated BNC connectors $120.00


Upgrade from 1000 VA to1500VA RM 2U AVR

Add $120.00 KIN 1500RM


Upgrade from 1000VA to 2200VA RM 3U AVR

Add $220.00 KIN 2200RM

The ease of replacement is extremely simple, affordable, and professional. This is a 1000VA 1U Rack mount UPS with AVR UPS technology and you can even upgrade this to a 1500 VA or a 2200VA UPS. True on-line are available upon request. Per request, all coax surge suppression can be branded to per your company name, address, and phone number. If you have any questions, please call us, and for more products, access our web page.

Please note: each coax is isolated from the rack mount. That means no physical ground loops from case ground can slip into the coax. Unlike any other rack mount suppression available.

Note: See how easy, if required to replace spent surge suppression device. Your shipping cost might be only $6.00 coming our way to replace a spent module. Turn around time less then two days after receiving.

You can buy these individually, or the whole set.

Cheaper to buy the whole set and use what you need. You can actually buy the rack separately $120.00 and you can add what you want when you want one at a time if you like. If you have access to a Rack, all you need is the modules.



KING 1500/2200/AP RM


Complete protection for internet computers and advanced servers.

Features :

          Line interactive design

          Fully digitized microprocessor controlled

          Tel/modem internet surge suppression

          Boost and buck AVR

          EMI/RFI noise filter

          Surge protection output for critical load

          On-line, back up, battery fuel status LED

          Hot swappable battery by users

          Lightning and surge protection

          Short circuit and overload protection

          50/60Hz frequency auto sensing

          Advanced battery management (ABM)

          Energy saving (UPS sleep mode)

          Smart RS-232 communication port

          AVR boost & buck LED

          Cold start (DC power on)

          Automatically charging when UPS off

          History record of power failure events

          Schedule shutdown & reboot

          Back up, on-line, battery status, power status display by software







(On Battery)




(Surge Protection outlets)

500VA (for 20~240V models only)




+/-25% at line input


50 or 60 Hz +/-10% (auto sensing)


Voltage (on battery)

Simulated sine wave at
100V or 110V/115V/120V or 220V/230V/240V +/-5%

Frequency (on battery)

50 or 60 Hz +/-0.5%

Voltage Regulation (AVR)

AVR automatically increase output voltage 15%
above input voltage if -9% to -25% of nominal.
AVR decrease output voltage 13% below input voltage
if +9% to +25% of nominal

Transfer Time

2/4 milliseconds, including detection time


Spike Protection

320 Joules

EMI/RFI Filter

10dB at 0.15MHz, 50dB at 30MHz

Unit Input

For overload & Short circuit protection

Overload Protection

UPS automatic power off if overload exceeds 110% of
nominal at 60 seconds and 130% at 3 seconds

10 Base-T Cable Port

Network (UTP, RJ-45) compatible jacks

Short Circuit

UPS output cut off immediately or input circuit breaker protection



Sealed, Maintenance-free lead acid

Typical Recharge Time

8 hours (to 90% of full capacity)

Back-up Time
(a PC with 15" monitor)

70 - 80 mins

85 - 95 mins



Automatic self-test, Discharge protection, Replace battery indicator


Net Weight Kg(lbs)

16.0 (35.2 lb)

28.0 (61.6 lb)


18.5 (40.7 lb)

30.7 (67.5 lb)


Dimension WxDxH (mm)

483 x 357 x 84 (2U)

483 x 351 x 130 (3U)



RS-232C Bi-directional communication port


Battery Back-up

Slow beeping sound (about 0.47 Hz)

Battery Low

Rapid beeping sound (about 1.824 Hz)


Continuously beeping sound


Ambient Operation

3,500 meters max, elevation. 0-95% humidity non-condensing, 0-40 J

Audible Noise

<40dBA (1 meter from surface)

Storage Condition

15,000 meter max