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Power Quality Engineering also can lead you to special needs like 2000 VA UPS for phone systems.Industrial grade UPS, which out performs store bought UPS.††† There are four kinds of UPS.Standard Back Up (store bought, APC, Triplite, and other name brands), Standby Smart UPS, On Line UPS, True On Line UPS, Double Conversion True On line UPS, Triple Conversion True On Line UPS.


The secret behind buying a UPS, is to size it for the actual VA value or wattage value and how much time do you need back up power. It is a mathematical process + power factor Engineering equations to get the right size you need plus the right amount of uptime.†† Liner loads uses more power then a switch mode power supply,so there might be reasons you need a professional to help you make the right chooses.


Here is a little math Volts x your Amps actual draw = VA, add 1/3 more for liner power supply + 50 VA for Start up because phones systems draw more power during a cold start.

New invention, and one of a kind UL listed device for the ground side.Very important for use in Florida, because of Floridaís poor grounding soil content. It is also considered by the military as an (EMP) anti-terrorist device. Excellent for Home Land Security & CCTV systems. Can be installed inside 1000VA, 1500 VA, & 2000 VA.Can be installed outside of smaller UPS and AVRs.

Spike Block-1

UL listed Ground Filter that eliminates ground loop problems on Phone System AC and case grounds.This device can be installed inside all 1000 VA UPS and higher.According to UL, all UPS has a continues ground, and does not have anything on them to prevent lightning to come up a bi-directional ground.

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BX-V010 AC Power

New technology in plug in protectors tool that have both surge suppression and power monitoring with time delay disconnect capabilities.Perfect for Back up Generator provided power and lack luster UPSís.


Question: why do surge suppression do not work? Answer, surge suppression for AC does not see low voltage and over current.This current is what destroys switch mode power supplies, so what is at risk. All power supplies that have thermal fusing.This product has both technologies, surge suppression and intelligent circuit power monitoring.Once the power is stable, it will allow the power to go through in about three minutes.

Power Strip for the technician for all their power supplies.



All sizes in UPS are available.

Most popular is the 1000Va

2nd popular are the Rack mount UPS.