Grade of Protection


Telephone hardwired Two stage protection

Voltage Available: 15, 30V,60V & 200 V for Ring-up lines

Voltage available for open loops: 15V, 30V for signal lines.

Response Time:
<5 Nanoseconds

Non Load-Bearing/Voltage
No follow
- on current
Two stage, diodes and MOV
- 400,000 VA Protection per pair @ 8x2Ous
Instant Reset/Long Life

Dimensions: 3x l.5x l

DLT-1P /or/ CO-1P (XXX) Telephone System protector - 1 Pair
DLT-2P /or/
CO-2P (XXX) Telephone System Protector - 2 Pair
DLT-3P /or/ CO-3P (XXX) Telephone System Protector - 3 Pair
DLT-4P /or/ CO-4-3P (XXX) Telephone System Protector - 4 Pair
DLT-5P /or/ CO-6P (XXX) Telephone System Protector - 6 Pair
DLT-8P /or/ CO-8P (XXX) Telephone System Protector - 8 Pair


XXX Standard units available in 15V, 30V, 60V, 200 V....Specified Voltage Required

Telephone - Three Stage

DLT T0S DTB (XXX)** Telephone System Protector


200 Volt Telephone System

Protector - PTSU/RSTU

Printed Circuit Board Cards

for Toshiba, Panasonic, or SMT Hybrid Phone Systems

** Specify Voltage Required


(XXX = I5V, 30V, 60V, 200V)



Specifications for Telephone -

Three-Stage Hardwire

Connection:Terminal Board or RJ11
Technology:Hybrid Circuitry Multi-Stage Design
Full Heat sinking

< 5 Nanoseconds

Operating Temperature:-400C - 850C

Voltage: Voltage Sensitive
Current: on Load-Bearing No Follow -On Current
Clamping Point:15, 30, 60, 200 Volts or Special
Power Dissipation: 2,000,000 Volt Amps 4,000.000 Volt / Line Pair
Lines Protected: l Pair and two Pair on request

Tested to ANSI/IEEE B-3 Impulse


Add an additional Stage

Isolation Transformer

Access Control Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Video Services Using Phone Lines

Computer Modems

Facsimile Machines

Communicating Copiers

Inter-Active Video Games

Direct TV Phone Lines

Home & Business Telephone Systems

Credit Card Readers/Dialers

ATM Machines

Point of Sale Terminals

Operator Consoles

Cordless Telephones

Communicating Medical Devices

Answering Systems

Monitoring Devices

Automated robotic milking Machines with remote monitoring

Even installed on M66 blocks.

Optelator II /Optilator

5 of fiber optic for total isolation from the phone company POTTS telecom lines. 100% effective against Direct Strikes by Lightning. Awesome for use in third world countries that can not possibly offer quality power on the phone line. This is also ideal if you have a 10,000 volt grounding differential between the phone company ground and modem or phone system. If you have all kinds of noise or distortion on the line, it will also eliminate it. This devices is very easy to install. Only one draw back, no caller ID. You can provide caller ID up line from it. Lightning is all powerful, and nothing can stand it its way, however this Optelator is the only thing that will help your remote monitoring equipment be untouched by lightning through the phone line..

CO P to CO-8P

Grade of Protection


DLTTOS200V Grade of Protection


Grade of Protection


Spike Block-1

UL listed Ground Filter that eliminates ground loop problems on Phone System AC and case grounds.

Dont forget that the Spike Block-1 is an important tool. In a recent tests all surge suppression devices listed above have improved their performance by 4000 volts higher then normal testing would allow. You can get a lot more out of your power quality equipment with the Spike Block-1. Normal testing is at 6000Volts @ 3000 amps and now with this device we can get up to 10,000 volt test. That is truly amazing.


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BX-V010 AC Power

New technology in plug in protectors that have both surge suppression and power monitoring and time delay disconnect capabilities. Perfect for issues caused by Back up Generator provided power and lack luster UPSs.


Question: why do surge suppression do not work? Answer, surge suppression for AC does not see low voltage and over current. This current is what destroys switch mode power supplies, so what is at risk. All power supplies that have thermal fusing. This product has both technologies, surge suppression and intelligent circuit power monitoring. Once the power is stable, it will allow the power to go through in about three minutes.