RJ31X DSL- Pacifier

In-line Series three Stage Hybrid RJ31X.†† EMI/RFI filtering for DSL, pumps, motors, HVAC and other electromechanical devices that can cause false alarms due to excess generated frequency or Noise.This is not just a filter, this is also a high end 600 joule three stagein Series phone line Surge Suppressor.

Screw type Rj31X Jack, UL listed communications circuit assembly 82x6 E134135.Meets FCC Part 68,50 Micron gold pins.Protected pins 1,4,5,and 8.Clamping voltage 130 VAC.Response time is 5 nanoseconds or less.Power dissipation is 240,000 VA 8x20us per pair protected.

Protection: UL1414 - E163321 ††† UL 1449 - E159095

††††††††††† CSA - LR103477-1

Electrical Parameters:

Three Stage protection, ††††††† Hybrid In-Series Design

Response time †††††††††††† 1 Pico second

Breakdown voltage ††††††††† 144-176 volts

Max Allowable voltage†††††††† AC: 130 V, DC: 170V

Varistor voltage: Vma: †††††††† 180V-220 at 1ma DC

Rated Wattage: †††††††††††† .025 Watts

Withstanding Surge Current: †††† (1) time: 1200A wave form †††††††††††††††††††† 8x20us, (2) times: 600A ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† wave Form: 8x20us

Max Energy: Joules: ††††††††† 86.3 Joules: 10/1000us

Capacitance: ††††††††††††† 310pfFreq.: 1KHZ

Leakage Current: ††††††††††† <20 uA 170VDC

Surge Life: †††† 1MA+ 10% 8x20us: 10000 times: 50A




This Product can be made in RJ45, and RJ11,

This Product is normally sold in lots of 10.

In lots of 20 Shipping will be included at no extra charge.Proudly made in the USA.


There is now more then one way to provide convenient Surge Protection for a burglar panel.It has been suggested that we provide low voltage AC or DC protection on the RJ31X.The Cost will determine the level of protection and DSL filtering.Min order 10 or10 Mix



DSL Pacifier Three Stage protector


Has exceeded all expectations!

Stop Burglar Alarm DSL Problems & Lightning.


RJ31X DSL Pacifier

Not one single complaint and it does more then just help eliminate DSL problems, it also helps eliminate lightning strike problems.Since 1998 only one unit has ever been returned for repairs or replacement.

Life time warranty



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