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Power Quality Engineering for Life Safety Systems

Stormin Protection

Stormin Protection Products Inc. has provided power quality Engineering consulting for security companies, Insurance investigation and forensic Engineering for law suites. I primary focus is surge suppression products for the life safety Industry. My product information is in the directory of products.

We are insured for consulting: $2500 per day plus any an all travel expenses.

We can/will recommend surge suppression products both wholesale and retail depending on the need.

Stormin Electric LLc (also Insured) Master Electrician Licenses in State of Florida, $500.00 per day and all expenses paid for travel time plus retail cost of all power quality related products used for mitigation.

Surveys or investigations outside the State of Florida it is $2500.00 per day plus all expenses paid including product retail cost.

Electrical installation is available through Stormin electric LLc in all areas in Florida plus all of North America with the added travel expenses. Each job will be quoted.

So with the ability to have a professional from engineering to installation you should be assured that no matter your power quality issues might be we could answer your question, provide the training or remedy the problem.

To contact the Power Quality Engineer:

John Pecore (727)-823-6100 x 1

E-mail: john.pecore@storminprotection.com

To Contact the Master Electrician

Brian Keough (386)-569-0525

E-mail: BBKeough724@gmail.com


To contact us:

PHONE: 727-823-6100 x 1

e-mail: john.pecore@storminprotection.com (Engineer)

PHONE 386-569-0525

e-mail: BBKeough724@gmail.com (Electrician)

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