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In the event that your security or commercial Dealer or electrician is unable to mitigate your lightning or noise issues and you want a private conversation regarding his issue, you can contact us through this site.

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Stormin Protection Products Inc. & Stormin Electric LLc

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For 44 years we have specialized in power quality for life safety systems, and in doing so, this is an everyday project for us. Most electricians and technicians rarely run into lightning, power quality or noise to an extent that it seems impossible to remedy.

Behold you are here. You are looking for answers.

We have no intention in taking (you) the customer away from your dealer or electrician, however we can train them to perform the task that leads to corrective actions. You are the customer, and you are in charge. If you elect to use us from A-Z, you have complete confidence that mitigation will be done right.

You are an investor in property, however you spent a lot of money on repairs caused by lightning or have issues with noise. Where to start solving the problem is dealing with the issues before the project is built. I can consult with your PE regarding grounding and how to create a single point ground for the entire complex according to NEC code 250. It is an epidemic nationwide and throughout the world, but simply following code as it is written, would solve most of your problems. You see, it is much cheaper to do it right the first time, then try to trouble shoot and add wire after the fact. I will site one example: Extended Stay of America. This hotel chain was getting hit hard in areas like Orlando, and Tampa Florida, and throughout the South each and every lightning season. They where hammered. The local installers told them they have done all they can do, but the issue continues. I visited one of their hotels which is a cookie cutter like all the other sites, and I found all kinds of grounding issues, not to mention surge suppression issues. I was also consulted to work with their PEs to remedy the problem, and suggest changes in all the designs changes with fire alarms. As a result for the past 15 years they have never had a repeat offence by lightning. I also helped them stream line product sourcing for fire alarm systems that will best suit their needs and provided quality control after the bidding to make sure the dealer follows spec. When I notice that the dealer did not buy what they needed to do the job right I contacted owners to let them know. Yes there were attempted short cuts that never passed quality control inspection. Each dealer is required to call me per spec before the bid. This went on for years until ESA was sold to Hampton Inn.

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Wholesale prices are not available for consumer use even if it is based on volume. Retail only. It is not fair to your dealer or installer. So looking for wholesale prices are not possible.

If you are a user of my product and you want to simply replace the surge suppression device that has expired, you can find this product on Amazon. Example: Type in the part number on Amazon such as FA30VB or FA30BH and you can purchase it.