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Insurance companies are always struggling with legitimate lightning damage on all types of electronic equipment. One area of course is life safety systems. These systems are always in high risk areas. Most insurance claims submitted are direct strikes by lightning (however!). The truth is, direct strikes by lightning is rare, and if the system is damaged, most likely it is due to poor or improper application design. Ninety percent of the cases I have been brought into, have always violated NEC code Art. 250.94, and also UL 864.

NEC code Art. 250.94 tells you how to mitigate grounding differentials, and UL 864 tells you what you can or cannot do with surge suppression devices installed inside or outside a UL listed panel.

If these violations are present, then there should be no liability for the insurance company. However up until now, are paying claims without all the right information. The only way the insurance company will know is if they hire an Engineer like myself with knowledge about lightning protection, surge suppression, NEC code understanding and UL 864. Usually the cost for a consultant is far less then the repairs.

However there is a chance that everything is setup correctly and that the insurance company is liable for the damages. I have never found a site that does comply but you never know it could happen.

If a repeat offence by the same client regarding the same equipment, more than twice with in a year, then much of what I said, may apply. The odds are in the favor of the insurance company that the system is not in compliance of NEC code or even UL864. If UL 864 is violated, the panel is no longer considered UL listed. Insurance companies should call 727-823-6100 x 5. The Engineer will talk to you to set up an appointment and cost associated with this appointment.

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