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One of several reasons why you have found this web page.


1.       Your technician can not stop lightning from damaging your fire alarm panel. It seems like your fire alarm company is on your payroll.

2.       Your technician is using surge suppression aka: Ditek, Edco or Transdector and neither work very well.  You need help!

3.       You think false alarms are normal!  You are desperate!

4.       You have too many false alarms and you are paying  huge fines.

5.       You have tried several fire alarm panels, and several security companies in the area and the same  stubborn problem seems to persist.

6.       You looked for www.storminprotection.com web page and found this one first.

7.       You are a real estate investor in major commercial projects but lightning is eating your profits.

8.       You have not contacted the fire alarm manufactures tech support department yet, and you are searching the net on your own.

9.       You did not know that surge suppression is available for fire alarm panels.

10.       You have a Backup Generator driving your fire alarm panel nuts!

11.    If you are a Siemens, Simplex or Edwards customer and no solution has been offered, I think I know why you are here.  Give me a call, and I promise you, you will find relief.

12.    If you are Siemens, Simplex or Edwards dealer and you called me! I am extremely proud of you, and you do care about your customer.

Manufactures that recommend us


Honeywell and their subsidiaries:

Gamewell, FCI, Firelite, Notifier, Silent knight.


Harrington: Secutron USA,


GE and their subsidiaries: all of GE security Systems


Kiddy Fenwal and their subsidiaries.


There are 26 fire alarm manufactures, and 24 of them recommend us. 


We do not sell our technology through high volume distribution such as ADI. 


We would rather sell our technology through your dealer that is working with you trying to solve the problem. 


We are a trouble shooting Application Engineering firm that provides tech tips on grounding, and offer free advise as to how to solve the power quality or lightning problem.


We are a project orientated company that prides ourselves based on reputation, word of mouth, and referrals by manufactures.  Our goal is nothing short of 100% effective.


We are also a Christian Company sharing the Gospel.

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For Faraday dealers: As you know Siemens repair service is very expensive, but there is another way.  Tecumseh Technology LLC   (517) 579-4888 (notice old Faraday phone number).  805 South Maumee Street, Tecumseh, MI  49286

So far I have referred a lot of dealers to this company.

We also specialize in HVAC systems that have a high maintenance problem.  Sometimes your own people don’t want you to solve the problem, they call it job security.  Most of the times your HVAC companies that service your equipment most assuredly consider you re-occurring revenue and depend on you to make payroll.   Elevator companies have all but slammed the door on me. I have been called forbidden names because with out re-occurring revenue in your area they might go out of business.  They want to see sparks fly at the top of the elevator where the motor is.


Finally: why would anyone ever allow Professional Engineers who design projects not include power quality equipment?  It is incomprehensible and you deserve loosing every penny you tried to save.   You are a victim of your own technology. You as an end user, investor, owner or builder are just as guilty and  even more so if the dealer, technician or Engineer advises you that you ought to have protective technology. You think it adds too much cost or you stand to loose too much profit.  You can be a solution to False alarms, systems blow outs, or constant irritation if you used common sense and spend the money to do it right.   I believe a consumer who took a course in electronics at least one semester in their college years, is a more informed and understands the technology that sneaks up on you.  These kind of professionals instantly knows what they have to do to make their organization more profitable.

Note: June 4, 2009.  Three weeks ago, a customer of Simplex, a University pushed Simplex to focus on our technology to do something.  They had 39 buildings in trouble with lightning (project is on going).   Siemens in Mo, bought $1000.00 worth of surge suppression because I believe someone like you pushed the company to look at our technology.    Only you can stop false alarms or lightning blowout, and remember you are the customer, so you will always be right no matter what your dealer says.  If the dealer says it is impossible, show him the video.  If he still don’t want to do it, find someone else  that will.

Text Box: Note: 9/10/09, Mr. Chip Lilly contacted me.  Harrington Fire, recommended them to me.  The lightning issues on the Fire alarm panel is in Houston.  The have several sites.  I also recommended Curtis Carsey with Classic Protection Systems who specializes in FCI, Gamewell panels.  I called Curtis to talk to this man.  Maybe he can take a look at Value Place and report back to me.  Note: 01/13/10  The end user died a slow death when they heard the price, and it was no different then Extended Stay in Orlando.  The only exception is Extended Stay of America did it, and ultimately did it in all of their locations though out USA after seeing the savings in Orlando Florida. 

02/18/10 Posted...Two weeks ago, Chip contacted me and told me to have Curtis contact him again. He did agree with my statement...it was more then he expected but he must do something or pay more in repairs.  Some of the managers are asking Chip to resolve this issue when this topic was brought up again.  Curtis...is on it.   More to come later.  It has been a month 3/4/10 still nothing.

Regarding Value Place:  Well the economy is so bad, that layoffs might be required because people are not traveling. I spoke to Chip, and they know they must do something but they have no money to do it. When the economy picks up, they will call Curtis and have him design all their new Extended Stay sites.  They do plan on doing all the existing sites.

Note: 01/13/10 Special note: Simplex in the last few months of 2009, has out done all name brands in sales. That means many end users are finding this site.   I don’t have conformation yet by the MFG, but the sales are huge. Siemens technology has been giving me almost impossible issues with success like the US Navy on ships.  It took me (5 min) to diagnose the problem,. What is sad, the Navy spent $6,000.00 for a Siemens tech to come down and trouble shoot the panel and got no-where.  From my phone, the tech explained to me the problem.  (back in 1983 I was in the service and I remember my electronic course there, the power worked from (-) to (+), and in the real world of technology it works from (+) to (-) so Military experience counts.  The two do not mix well, but I have a solution for that.    

Edwards System Technology: has been sold to UTC that owns Kiddi Fenwal, and Kiddi has told me that they will require all the panels the sell to recommend  our technology. They have already did all the testing and approvals.  Right now it might take a year.  

Incredible news story today...


Incredible news today 02/18/10   I have a conclusion to the story in the note above.  I just got an e-mail from the coast guard, and also requesting that they pass on this e-mail to Siemens.

 From: Dunphy, Michael EM2 Date: 02/18/10 06:39:57 To: jpecore@earthlink.net Subject: RE: Stormin Protection   Hey John, You assume correct on all three. We received and installed the parts right before we deployed and they seemed to have resolved the issues we were having. It's been a little over 2 weeks and we haven't experienced a false alarm yet! I actually just submitted a report explaining what we did to fix it. Thanks for your help and sorry it took so long to get back to you, for some reason your email went straight to my junk folder and I just got it now.   Thanks again,   Michael Dunphy CGC MELLON (WHEC 717) 1519 Alaskan way S Seattle, WA 98134 206-217-6290

3/4/10 New:


Richard Kennard requested UL listing information  for approval by Fire Marshals in the application of  surge suppression on SLC loops on the Campus.   Not quite sure how he found me...but Cool. I sent him two of them from both of my manufactures I recommended.

It has come to my attention that I need to put some drawings of some of my past projects on the web.  To make sure there is no mistake about it.  I produced these drawings.  The company names on them have adopted them for their project.  I gave of my time and my expertise at no cost for these companies to do a successful job.   I have been known to charge $2800.00 per day to do this type of work.  All these examples in my humble opinion work very well.

If you look at these drawing, the main purpose of these drawings is the help education the more technical minded individual.  It’s possible that one of these companies just happens to be in your back yard, I encourage you to call them and ask them to resolve your lightning problem with my technology.   

These five drawings are my original drawings and actually it was Kidde Fenwall that took my crude drawing and made CAD drawing in Generic form for all my customers.  Obviously Kidde, recommends me, and now since Edwards Systems Technology has been bought out by UTC/Kidde, so will Edwards.    Below will be modified versions of my original drawings by my customers.

These two drawings are my CAD drawings adopted by a Large North Eastern Fire Alarm company. 

When North Georgia Company did this job two (+) years ago, they completely stopped loosing any panels due to lightning.  An X-Simplex fire alarm technician that is a church member has tweaked it a couple of times and we have replaced only (4) FA 60VB during this time at no charge,  this customer is very pleased with the out come.  What was not mention in this drawing, was the fact that the Church had Ditek surge suppression already installed, and if the Customer (Church)  had not requested my intersession, more Ditek’s would have been applied. Just recently I had a cease and desist order not to display my own drawing, until they found out it was my own drawing.  Bill MacKenzie @ Ditek at Diteck has been doing anything and everything to get rid of me..   I firmly believe if there is a right way of doing things, it should be shown.  I have deleted the company name but I won’t eliminate the facts.  This company still uses Ditek, but their engineering is apposed to using Ditek once they used my technology and saw how it worked. My profound thanks to a Mr. Joel Bonfiglio.  


The company that now maintained this system is a true believer of my product:

Advanced Construction and Electrical Systems, Keith Coates (706) 680-2612, is dong routine tweaking and maintains the system and has replaced the last four surge suppression.  Keith has seen first hand how my technology works.  He used to work for Simplex, and has done an Extended Stay of America complex with my technology, and he truly believes in this technology.  Now Keith asked me the other day if I might add his name to this documents with his phone number. Keith would like for you to call him for anything in 100 miles radios of Royston Ga., not far from Atlanta.  (706) 680-2612


Note: on 6/24/2010, Keith called me, told me an end user found this page, saw his number and called him.  Columbus Fire Alarm, installed Ditek protection, and now they lost this customer. Keith called me and thanked me.  


Weather predictions for 2014


I have lived and worked in Florida the Lighting Capital of North America since 1983.  I have never seen such strange weather for the winter of 2013 and early 2014.  Any worse and we would have had a tornado in every state, and flooded beyond comprehension. I think the second coming is about to happen.  We got thunderstorms.   If it is anything like 1956 with the similar weather patterns, we are going to see lightning almost biblical proportions.   In 1956, we never had this type of technology we have today, and I expect that this year will be especially horrible with lightning.  I am only guessing, so if you are on this page, and lightning has not been a serious threat to you now, be quick about it and do something before it is too late. Of course if it is anything like the movie, “Left Behind”, I won’t be here accept a pile of cloths in my chair, and maybe you won’t be here either.   You can call me, don’t hastate.  If you need a security company I have a data base and I hope to have one in my data base near you that has used my technology, I”ll be waiting for your call: 727-823-6100


Check back for 2015 prediction. 

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Mark Bronson in Ruskin/Grandview Mo.  Just contacted me on behalf of his church.  In his E-mail he tells me he has a Notifier AFP-100 Fire alarm System in his church.  It keeps going into alarm mode for a ground fault error.  Last night it went off several times (there was a lightning storm also) Some of  the other members have told him that they have had technicians come out to look at the system but they evidently were not able to fix it.  I spoke to Mark, that he was touched by an Angle to guide him to the very person that would be able to help him and his church members.  I asked him to confer with his board members that his can be fixed, but I need their current technician to make this work.  It truly was a blessing that Mark made an attempt to e-mail me on this matter.  I also told him that Dan Corbit, and Yogie Shaw at Nortifier will recommend me.  More to come with this story.

Fire Alarm for End User support– All to often you shell out the money, for constant repairs and constant false alarms. Your security company can not help you. They can, and I can help them.

DOT Foods, found this web page around the 6/15/2010.  After briefly reviewing my information, talking with me on the phone, I expected that their technician in Tampa Florida that manages their Firelite 9200 panel, call me and acquire the products. Even I get a surprise or two.  DOT foods bought all the protection and intend to install it themselves.  To help them along, I attached sticky notes all over the different products to help them do the install.  I even had a plastic box for them to use for the low voltage surge suppression. 

(1) 120HWCP20CB,

(1)       Spike Block-1

(1)FA 30VB for SLC loop

(4)       FA 30BH for NAC circuits

(5)       P9082HFLL Integra Enclouser 9x8x2 Prem Box with Hinge and lid.


In twenty years of trouble shooting lightning issues and power quality issues on fire alarm panels, this is the second retail sale I ever did. Always have I interfaced with the technician from the fire alarm company.  Also I was introduced to their dealer new company, and some of their techs have used our products before .


DOT Foods is located in Vidalia GA. 

Greg Fowler

Fire alarm panel Firelite 9200

Buildings involved Four different buildings, two were add on with separate electrical services with four ground loops.

Dealer: Safe Fire Protection Inc. in Tampa Florida 813-664-8989, Ed Jones, has used our products in the past.

I did recommend that they bond all the buildings together but as per usual not economically feasible..

John Pecore, BSEET, MSM

Power Quality Engineer for the security Industry.


I do site surveys too:  Sometimes you need extra help. I do have a pass port and can travel.

I would recommend that you watch the video clip.  I think you might find it interesting and educational.  Not all technology are equal.

By the way, new location for the video

Dealer in Texas!
Did a great job.

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