Language TranslatorText Box: The Optelator. Man's best friend against direct strikes by lightning on telephone lines. The perfect product for an impossible job for remote monitoring of unmanned sites with expensive gear like Burk remote Modems! This is the perfect tool to prevent lightning from blowing out your modem. There is nothing like it in the world. Lightning can not find your modem or phone system. There isn't a surge suppressor in the world that can do what this thing can do. If lightning cannot find your modem, then lightning can not blow it out. Your modem is your gateway into your computer or phone system. You blow that, you could blow your computer or your phone system. What you find in this product below will amaze you, and compel you to purchase this product.       
Text Box: Optelator
Retail $386.95 each

AVR + Spike Block-1
Retail $350.00

Black Night Pro
BNT-800 $100.00
BNT-1500 $220.00
KIN-2200VA $330.00

Rack Mount
KIN-1000VARM $220.00
KIN-1500VA RM $330.00
KIN-2200VARM $430.00
Something special
A True on line double conversion UPS custom made to deal with Back up generators and other viscous power   $1200.00

Fire Alarm

Gate Access


CCTV lightning demonstration

 Extended run time
True-On-Line HardwiredSelection of

$220in USA

includes shipping

$430in USA

includes shipping

$330in USA

includes shipping

$1250in USA

includes shipping

Custom True on line double conversion UPSís are available.We usually have one in stock. The color may not represent the exact color of the unit in stock.

$386.95in USA

includes shipping

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Text Box: Stormin Protection Products Inc.
Text Box: Your Power Quality Expert
Text Box: Fire Alarms, CCTV Gate Access Surge Suppression, Lightning Protection. The work of a Power Quality Engineer is never done.  The Power Quality tools you are looking for are buried in these web pages. But what makes this company so different than others. We actually help you trouble shoot the problem and provide the best solution to solve your problem.          

It's a good day to meet you. The experience we have collected over the years in Power Quality Engineering is available to you. Please choose to investigate our web pages. If you have any special needs, we will resolve it for you. We have many pages that cover all areas of interest. All you have to do is click on the 
PICTURES, and our adventure begins. We have approx. 200 web pages+ customer pages, covering all aspects of Power Quality, custom surge suppression, UPS, transformers, fiber optics and more. A few examples are Fire Alarm, CCTV, Card Access, Burglar Alarm, main panel and sub panel protection, data line protection, (New) data/audio line isolation protection, commercial, residential and more. Our Top Current Customers are: Harris Corp, Homeland Security, Tyco, Broadcast General Store, Heavy referrals by all/or Most Fire Alarm manufacturers. Extended Stay America (ESA) nation wide is eliminating lightning problems from their fire alarm panels.  We you will find what you are looking for, if you are not sure, 
call us at 727-823-6100 ex1.  
Remember, if you click on a picture it will take you to catalogs, and to items of interest in power quality. Thank you.  Sincerely John E. Pecore; President 
Text Box: Stormin Protection Products Inc.
LECTRA SHIELD (formally E/Clips or Eclips)

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Sad story about E/clips or Eclips. Economic times of 2007 to 2014 we call the depression, took down the company. Space Age Technology took the name for their green Surge suppression originally designed to compete with Ditek and Edco contracted by E/Clips.Would I normally sell Green Eclips from Space Age on fire alarms? It depends, yes it is better than Ditek and Edco but it does not fully meet IEEE standards as an apsolution to lightning issues on fire alarm systems. Their AC surge suppression is not in-series either. But given no choice, I might. So I re-invented the technology.

We have never lost a fire alarm panel due to a lightning strike since 1992.Our new ETL tested to UL 1449 3rd edition is even better, also prevents reverse polarity.