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Protect your modem and telephone equipment with the Optilatorô (Optelator II) ... the ULTIMATE in fiber optic shielding for your phone/data line! More than a hybrid surge surpressor, this is a fiber optic isolator with four inchs (new one has five inches) of fiber glass that truely eliminates ground loops.

Optilatorô (OptelatorII new)keeps your modem (and your expensive computer or PLC) from "frying" during thunderstorms and smooths out everyday communications for more dependable file transfers. You can actually hear the differance! Crackle, pops and other transient noises from "Ma Bell" are eliminated. This device is particularly useful with today's sensitive high speed modems.

Optilatorô (OptelatorII New) also acts as a very nice protection from others listening to your phone conversation from other telephones on your line (no covert line taping possible). That may be helpful on a secure line that shuts down... Or it may not be, depending upon your situation. If you WANT to have others listen over your other telephones, then make sure the Optilatorô is installed upstream of all of those phones.

Optilatorô (OptelatorII New) can be installed in any country, 20 Hrtz, 50 Hrtz, & 60 Hrts, at any voltage. Please indicate your required specification.

Order today for only $354.95(U.S.) plus $10.40 (U.S.) shipping and handling anywhere in the continental U.S. Export and shipping cost overseas will be determined. Limited quanities due to extremely high demand.

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