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Power Guard - A Power Quality Tool

What is a Power Guard?

If you have too high of a voltage for a long period of time, or too low of a voltage for a long period of time your electronic device will blow and burn. This is not caused by a voltage surge or impulse. This is cause by your power company that provided unregulated voltage (too much or not enough) which is pumped into your (AC) panel box.

Extended Under voltage; Under voltage below 90 volts by the power company creates an over current problem. Your electronic devices are so starved for voltage and as a result, draws more current. Unfortunally your electronic devices can not handle much current and then they burn up.

Extended Over voltage; Over voltage is caused by the power company and can be up to 220 volts. If this voltage last for a long time, the computer chips and coils, capacitors, diodes and other electronic components will terminate.

Power Guard can monitor the voltage, and if these two problems do appear, this device will shut your power off until your voltage stabilizes. Surge spikes and impulse are in nano-seconds and this Power Guard does not take the place of a surge suppressor. This device is only a tool to safe guard your electronics from long periods of brown outs and high voltage. This devices works well with surge suppressors and UPS and will enhance the performance of these devices.

Power Guard does come in 50 hrts 220 for third world countries that are developing. In these countries, it is normal to have extremely poor power quality. Power Guard will safe guard your new electronic equipment from an early grave.

This device Retails for $77.00 ea. Special discounts available for volume, and Dealers.

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