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ALS-100 & ALS 100 M

The ALS-100 is the finest static dissipating air terminal available. It combines standard air terminal protection with proven dissipater prevention technology. High quality materials and durable design insure that it will withstand the most severe weather conditions.

Ben Franklin lightning rods or air terminals are used to protect property from damage. They are installed on a structure to attract a lightning strike and direct the unleashed directly into the earth. Air terminals have been used successfully since the days Benjamin Franklin. This type of equipment hasn't changed since those days. What has changed is the type of property and equipment that lightning rods were designed to protect. Today every structure that requires lightning protection contains or houses some type of delicate electrical equipment. When the lightning rod type of protection system takes a lightning strike, it's supposed to protect this delicate equipment. Reality is this equipment will be destroyed by the huge amount of electrical energy that is being directed into the earth. As the electrical charge instantly travels from the lightning rod, through a conductor and into the ground, enormous charges of voltage and current are induced or transferred into any nearby equipment or object, causing great damage. This type of damage cannot be prevented by the old Ben Franklin lightning rods. The solution to this problem is to prevent lightning strikes. Of course we can't prevent electrical storms, but we can take steps to prevent lightning from hitting certain structures.

Lightning Prevention Systems Inc. has been in business for over 15 years. We have been protecting various structures such as the Taurus Missle, Broadcasting Towers and Commercial as well as residential buildings with our ASL1000 and ALS 100 Static dissipaters that actually prevents lightning from striking.

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