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Fire Alarm Surge Suppress Products page: 120HWCP20CB (AC) FA24VB (Zones,Bells,ect.) DLTOS200V for RJ31X

Fire Alarm Surge Suppression

Not all Fire Alarm panels are the same as FCI panels. Edwards, Simplex, Gamewell, Pyrotronics, and Fire Com intellegent loops operate at a higher voltage. Normally they operate at 28.8 volts DC to 38 volts DC. We require information regarding usage of our FA24VB surge suppression devices with these panels. Our devices are so tight for let through, that we actually need to provide a higher let through voltage for these panels. FA24-38V is the device recommended. There are also panels that exceeds 3 amps requirements on the bell circuits. The part number for current exceeding 3 amps is FA24V(B1)

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