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Common Sense Approach to Grounding
This is a very special page that needs special attention. You will learn something about grounding for Burgler Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV and Card Access

Surge Suppression for Burglar Alarms

We all have problems with Burglar 
Alarm panels due to lightning storms.
Most security companies don't even
bother to install surge suppression
devices, because what they are use to
using, does not work.  This RJ31X 
Hybrid multi-layer surge suppressor 
will do the job.  If you read the
information regarding the common sense
to proper grounding for security
systems, you will know how to install 
these device properly.

These devices are not sold to end users.  
These devices are only sold to
professionals (Dealers) in the security 
industry, or Lightning Protection Professionals.

Only a Professional, that knows the security 
business, or the lightning protection
business can effectively install these devices.

Independant Distributors in the security 
business are welcome, except they must 
only sell Stormin Protection Products 
surge suppressors.  Not only do you pay for
a product, but you pay for my troubleshooting
value added sevice.  

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