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UPS Tower

Tower UPS

The Most popular of them all is the BNT 1000 for CCTV. Industry


Please call for Prices:


BNT800†† $100.00

BNT 1000$160.00

BNT 1500$220.00

BNT 2000$325.00


There are other sizes

Please call and we can give you a price quote if you want something smaller.Traditionally these are the sizes most CCTV dealers actually buy.Something smaller might be too small.


Also take note: What is important in the security Industry, when there is no power for an extended period of time and your battery is totally out, instead of shutting down completely, these will come on when the power is restored.So you donít manually have to turn them back on. That saves a lot of time, man power and money.††


Now if it donít come onÖ..and a little old, that means the battery is dead.This feature prevents thermal run away which will cause your inverter to cook burn out your inverter and your UPS to permanently dead. This is a good thing too.


If you want twice the amount of run time and you normally use the 1000VA, get the 2000VA.


All of these items have a 15 amp power cord, no electrician required.Just plug and play.

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