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Electronics Switch:


If the voltage drops caused by a backup Generator, the Power Guard will switch the power off then monitor it until the power is stable. Than it will let power through. It has a four minute delay.

Ground filter prevents feed back loop or bi-directional grounds.


Power Issues:Voltage Drop/Current rise/Back up Generator/Pumps/Motors/Drives/and Industrial Equipment with Irregular voltage. You as a customer are now in control of more then just surges.  You are now in control of voltage drops or erratic uncontrollable power.

Indicator lights for power status and  power quality

Extreme Protection for 
Extremely High Lightning Prone areas 
and erratic voltage.


We all  buy UPS to solve some serious issues when it comes to power, but sometimes there is power influx that is so great that the power supply in the UPS burns up or the AVR literally goes crazy (clatter).  Each time the AVR comes on, goes off or the UPS clatters you loose 50 watts.  A back up Generator can kill a battery and ultimately kill the inverter or the ability to recharge batteries.  The life span of a UPS is greatly decreased and the batteries would have to be replaced considerably. This device is engineered to do a number of corrective actions.  The power guard monitors the power, if the voltage drops or the current is erratic the electronic switch kills the power for about 4 minutes or less. After the power is corrected and 4 minutes pass, the power passes through.  During that period of time your UPS should hold up the power and maintain the equipment.  What kills UPS with power like this is the excessive current on a voltage drop. 


You see below are pictures of the electronics  that controls the power, and also the large ground filter.  You also see the same protection in there as the Storm-900RM.  You have three indicator lights. Green LED for good power, Yellow LED will be in delay or standby mode, and Red LED is an indicator of a voltage drop and your receptacles will be off.  The other Green indicators will show you have surge suppression, Good Ground, and Power.  You have a protected on/off switch and a 15 amp fuse. You have a total of 9 outlets, seven control by the switch and two will always remain on with spacing to support power supplies.  In the technology of  all Rack Mount Surge Suppression, there is nothing like this. This product is a combination of several technologies into one.   The Ground Filter is a unique design that prevents a feed back loop or case ground strikes from coming (in) on the life safety ground or case ground. Radio Stations towers, machine shops, heavy industrial load, CCTV systems, and sandy soils regions are famous for this.  Another area might be using this device is home automation especially if the home has a back up generator.

Dear Customer

We make this product by request: Approx 10 days or less turn around for one unit. 


This is not a normal rack mount surge suppressor.  It is a modified unit that has features that are above and beyond anything available and made to order.

We know there is a need for a product like this but sometimes people are not quite sure what they really need in a protection device.

This is a premium product.

Someone once asked me, why would I bother making this device.  My reply was simple. If you ask an engineer why would you bother making this?  Answer: “Because I can”.  An engineer can not help himself.  I know the need exist, and why not try and make one and make it available.  The idea is simple, but having the right technology small enough to fit in a box, that is the challenge.  With this in mind, I can not help but improve this device reasonably in all areas.  This problem is nothing new, but meeting this challenge is what I do best.

STORM-900RMPGGF Power Guard   Ground Filter


Heavy Duty Rack Mount Surge Protector, Line Conditioning Ground Filter & Power Monitor


12 ft. 14/3 Power Cord

9 Heavy Duty 15A Sockets

2 Transformer Spacers Outlets

7 Outlets Switched

2 Un-switched

2450 Joules

Clamping Voltage: 330 V

EMI/RFI Noise Filtering

        Common Mode Coil for Line  Conditioning & Noise Reduction

        Our rack mount power strips are designed to work with any 19 inch relay rack system. Surge and noise suppression, reset able circuit breaker, surge indicator light and 15 Amps/125 Volts. Brackets are included. The Power Guard is a unique in it’s nature and an excellent tool to protect against erratic power.

Spike Current: 84,000A

Power Shut Down

On /Off Switch

Surge & Ground Protection    Indicators

Rack Mountable in 1U space

Can either be used with table-top or mounted into a 19"   equipment  rack

15 Amp 125 Volt AC

Not UL/c UL Listed                          (the unit is modified to meet the need) The protection “was” UL listed but the improvements I have doesn’t apply anymore. If it is tested again, it should pass. So complying with UL/cUL listed would best describe it.