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8 outlet Professional Grade Surge Suppression Power Strips

UL1449 2nd edition UL listed Power Strips.

PT-B013MR 8 outlet with Fax modem Protection

PTBO13MVDR 8 outlet with Fax modem Antenna/cable and DSS/Satellite Protection


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Stormin Protection surge suppressor incorporates state-of-the-art technology and provides multiple three stage hybrid protect for your electronic equipment. Stormin power strips also provides both common and normal noise filtration. The surge protection rating under UL 1449 2nd edition at 6000 volts/500 amps ring wave test at .5 us x 100 kHz is 330 Volts for L-N, L-G, N-G. The Power Strips actual performance is far superior to the UL 1449 2nd edition, UL 497A standard for AC plug connected products.


Maximum Operating Voltage 120 volts. Current Rating 15 amps.

AC Outlets 6-R15 8 Outlets

Operation Temperature 0-to 85 degrees C

Protection Modes: Phase- Neutral, Phase - Ground, Neutral - Ground.

Maximum Surge Current (8x20us) is 39,000 Amps Total

Maximum surge Voltage (1.2x50us) 6,000 Volts

TVSS Device UL Listed 2nd edition and UL 497A RJ11

Clamping Voltage 130 Volts RMS

Clamping Response Time 1 Pico Second based on capacitance.

Maximum Line Amperage 15 Amps @ 120 VAC 60 HZ

Noise Filter Response, Operation Indicator LED, Ground Indicator LED (yes).

Power Dissipation (8X20us) 1110 Joules or 8,906,000 VA

EMI/RFI Dual Full 3 Stage Noise Filter 150KHz ~ 100 MHz up to 58 dB Attenuation.

Failure Mode: Thermal fuses, Fails Safe (open)

IEEE 587 (ANSI C62.41 - 1980)

Dynamic Clamping Voltages (V Peak at 90 Degrees)

Impulse Testing: P/N P/G N/G

6KV @ 1.2x50us 267VPK, 275VPK, 205Volts Peak

500 A @ 8x20us 189Vrms, 194Vrms, 145Volts RMS

ANSI/IEEE Cat. B3 Impulse P/N P/G N/G

6000 V @ 1.2/50us 254VPK, 280VPK, 426Volts Peak

3000 A @ 8x20us 137Vrms, 198Vrms, 301 Volts RMS

Housing: Fire retardant plastic, dark gray color, size 9 1/2" x 3 7/8"x 1 1/2" and weight is 1.32 lbs.

360-degree rotational flat R15 safety plug.