Unusual but necessary Power Quality Equipment

Price: $55.00

SKU/Item Number: BX-V010

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Price: $85.00

SKU/Item Number: BX-V010HE

BX-V010 HE High Energy

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Price: $86.00

SKU/Item Number: BX-V010HS

BX-V010 HE S High Energy with Screw ground terminal

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Price: $55.00

SKU/Item Number: BX-V0220

BX-V010-220 For use on HVAC Window Air Conditioners or hotel room air conditioners

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Price: $85.00

SKU/Item Number: BX-V0220HE

BX-V010-220 HE High Energy Protection for Window Air Conditioners or Hotel room Air Conditioners

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120HWCP20CBPLC This is also a power guard, but it is a hardwired version usually used on Fire alarms, Access control and PLC’s

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