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Our Company has been in business now since 1997.† The President originally came from E/clips products and Volt Guard.†

There is no direct association to companies like Transdector, Ditek or Edco so our designs our unique and not a copy. Our methodology is completely different. That means we strive for the original concept of trouble shooting and provide recommendations of corrective action rather than concentrate on high volume manufacturing.†

We do have subcontractors that manufacture our designs per our specifications.

We concentrate on the needs of the customer, not some device we can pull off the shelf. Power Quality and Lightning Protection is a science no longer consider smoke and dagger.


This specific product we are advertising is the result of changes in surge suppression requirements by UL and the changes in design of power supplies. Keep in mind, one of the main reasons surge suppression do not progress, and at time digress itís because an organization that once was a not for profit corporation (UL), now known as a profit corporation has changed the rules. Surge suppression used to be measured by performance, now measured by how much voltage is let through.† IEEE specifically spells it out, three times the operating voltage the electronic device will blow out. Since single outlet surge suppression sort of dropped out we have developed something new. We have a new product considered to be an intelligent product that is much safer to use since the change and if anything ever happens to it the device will remain open or allow no voltage to pass.

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