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Stormin Tele Cat.

DLTOS200 V or DLT 3S
In-line three Stage hybrid 
CO or Off Primis protection
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Black and White version
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Knots? Did you say Knots?
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DLT1P-8P 15 volt to 200 volt
tip and ring and off primis
parllel protection.
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Tech tips for Application of Parllel 
DLT 1P-8P (see page A4)
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Tech tips for the DLTOS200V
in-line series protection on a Toshiba or similiar system.
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Page 2, Tech tips for the off primis DLTOS 200 V, 30v or 48 volts surge suppressor
Page A7

The Perfect small 450 or 600 VA 
UPS for small telephone systems
at extremely low price. Design with a technican in mind. (New UL1449 2nd edition listing)
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Excellent UPS, very compairable to APC, but at a cheaper price. Yes..1000 VA & 1400VA available with extra batteries if needed.
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Page 2, specs of the Fenton UPS.
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The Fiber Optic telephone line 
Protection, RJ11 Female in-out with
power.  Total isolation from the CO-line.  Can be use for off primis
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Save time, use the DLT-1P to 8P parllel protection already installed on the M66 Block.  Saves time.
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T1 or ISDN problems, Not anymore. 
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T1 or ISDN Fiber Optic Equipment.
This unit, with fiber optic cable will
solve your ground loop problem and
isolate your equipement for the T1
line, as well as between two buildings.
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Custom Ground Isolation Transformer 
for those impossible Ground Loops.
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