Data Line Surge Suppressor

100 Base T (100MB)

 The Stormin 100 Base T (100MB) data line surge suppressor incorporates state-of-the-art technology and provides hybrid protection for your equipment connected to your data lines. Tested to ANSI/IEEE B3 Impulse Standards that exceed normal UL 497B testing standards, this unit exceeds industrial grade surge protection without loading your sensitive data lines and is self restoring after each surge within ratings.
























100 BASET and 10 BASET Protection Also

Protection for High Speed DSL Internet

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100 BASET & 10 BASET CAT 5

100 Base T (100MB)Text Box: Stormin Protection Home Page

5 Volts or 12 Volts DC (Specify)

<5u Amps

120 Mbs

-40 to +85 C

RJ45 Male Protected / Female Unprotected

Pins 1 8 Straight or Twisted per customers request

Length: 3. Width: 2. Height: 1 .

Cat5 Cable additional

Maximum Operating Voltage:

Typical Leakage Current:

Maximum Data Rate:

Operation Temperature:


Pins Protected:


4,000 Amps Total

6,000 Volts

<25 pf

6.8 Volts or 13 Volts

<5 Nanoseconds

Non-Load Bearing

< 10 Volts or <19 Volts Peak

@ 12,000,000 VA

Maximum Surge Current (8x20us):

Maximum Surge Voltage (1.2x50us):


Clamping Voltage:

Clamping Response Time:

Voltage Sensitive:

Pass Voltage Tested to ANSI/IEEE B3:

Power Dissipation (8x20us):

Stormin surge suppressors have a Lifetime Product Warranty.

Specifications - Electronic

Specifications - Operating